Stainless Steel

stainless steel


We, at Grupo LYRSA, recycle all kind of steel and iron scraps at all our plants. We have a strict quality and content control with own equipment (mass spectrometry devices) and a high qualified personnel.

Stainless Steel Shredder Plant Lyrsa Cadiz




The Lyrsa plant in Cadiz is specialized on stainless steel treatment and recycling and provides exclusive services to the Acerinox plant in that city. For those services, we use the following facilities: a stainless steel shredder plant and various automatic oxy-cutting systems with total aspiration and smoke filtering for big dimension scrap cutting.


The Special Alloys Unit is our team specialized on special steels and super-alloys. We recycle materials with a high titanium or nickel content, like tungsten carbide, invar, inconel or high grade stainless steel. Contact us if you are interested on these products.


If you want more information about our processes and plants you can check the following animated presentation or our youtube channel. Here are the links:

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