Non Ferrous Metals



All the Grupo Lyrsa plants deal and recycle non ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, lead or bronze. We buy all kind of scrap metal, we classify the different materials, and prepare them in different shapes and qualities, according to our client's needs. We use specific machinery like metal packing presses in all our plants.



We offer a wide range of products and final grades to fulfill our client's needs for raw materials.


    Aluminum  Brass  Lead  Aluminum  Copper


Apart from the non ferrous scrap treatment at all our yards, we have to specific plants for the recycling and foundry of two metals: lead and aluminum.

Aluminum Ingots Mefragsa



At the Mefragsa plant in Albalate del Arzobispo (Teruel), the waste material from shredder plants is separated with various techniques, including flotation or induction with eddy currents, to obtain aluminum, which is later melted at the foundry to obtain pure aluminum ingots


Lead Ingots Recobat



On his side, Recobat, is specialized on battery and other lead compounds recycling, to obtain pure lead ingots and other alloys.




If you want more information about our processes and plants you can check the following animated presentation or our youtube channel. Here are the links:

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