Ferrous Metals

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By means of treated material volume, Grupo LYRSA is one of the main suppliers of the Spanish Steel Industry.


We have a wide truck fleet with cranes for material handling and mobile presses to treat the materials at our client's premises. We also have specific containers for different kinds of scrap iron.

shredder plant lyrsa aznalcollar




Once received the materials at any of our plants, we classify and standardize the scraps adapting the materials to our client's needs. To achieve that, we have high powered press shears in all our plants for the best treatment of ferrous scraps.



We also have a shredder plant national network: with three shredder plants located in Madrid (Reyfra), two in Sevilla (Lyrsa) and another one in Alava (Lyrsa). 


All our plants are equipped with radiological scanning systems for all incoming and outgoing materials, ensuring that way that all materials sent to our clients are free of any radioactive source.


  Ferrous Scrap  Ferrous Scrap  Ferrous Scrap  Ferrous Scrap  Ferrous Scrap


If you want more information about our processes and plants you can check the following animated presentation or our youtube channel. Here are the links:

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