Battery Recycling

lead battery life cycle


At Grupo LYRSA we close the lead life cycle. We recycle automobile batteries and other lead compounds to obtain pure lead ingots and other lead alloys, which are used as raw material mainly by the car battery manufacturers. We complete the process of battery recycling: collection, grinding, separation, melting, refine and/or alloying, combining high performance and effectiveness with an absolute respect for the Environment.

We have collection plants all over Spain, being most of the Lyrsa plants authorized for collection, storing and transport of Dangerous Waste. With our container collection network and our wide special truck fleet we are able to provide a high quality service at any point of Spain.

We provide collection services to car repair shops and small producers of car batteries and we also offer advice on administrative processes regarding Dangerous Waste.

battery grinding mill Recobat


At both Recobat plants, in Pina de Ebro and Albalate del Arzobispo, we accomplish the battery grinding process to separate its compounds, neutralizing the battery acid and obtaining lead compounds (lead pastes and metallic lead) and polypropylene from the battery cases, which is sent to plastic recycling facilities.


Lead Smelter Recobat



The melting process of the lead compounds obtained from the grinding, takes place at the Recobat's Albalate del Arzobispo plant: the melting process at Recobat uses cutting-edge technologies to obtain lead bullion and pure lead ingots (certified by LME), as well as various lead alloys including lead antimony or lead calcium. 

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If you want more information about our processes and plants you can check the following animated presentation or our youtube channel. Here are the links:

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